About us

About us

In 2013 we packed up our beloved Blue Chook cafe in Sydney and moved back to the coastal town of Yamba. Slowly revitalising a 1930’s beach house into something we are not sure what it is yet. Yes, we bake and steam and fry all the good things that the Clarence Valley has to offer, but we also exhibit the amazing artworks from the area as well as from Brisbane, Sydney and across the continent. Irons and Craig has developed into something other than just venue.

We introduced the annual ‘The Irons Prize’ as a way of encouraging artists both new and established to show there creative works and also to have the chance to be honoured with something real and substantial. This years theme of SMOKE allows local artists to look at our personal cultural heritage and will allow others from around Australia to interpret it with their own.

We are excited and very happy to have the opportunity to be a space in which people are free to create and exhibit.

David and Antony